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Pursuing the fascinating story of women in Mathematics, Science, and Literature during the 19th Century -- particularly the life of Sofya Kovalevskaya.

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Sofya Kovalevskaya Homepage by Joan (includes translations of some of Kovalevskaya's letters and articles)

BEYOND THE LIMIT : A novel of Sofya Kovalevskaya's student years by Joan Spicci. Chapter One. Published by Forge, August 2002. Beyond The Limit is available in e-format for the Kindle, Nook and iBook.

Purchase BEYOND THE LIMIT at Joan's Bookshop.

MIZORA Introduction by Joan Saberhagen.

PAWN TO INFINITY Edited by Fred Saberhagen with Joan Saberhagen.

OF BERSERKERS, SWORDS & VAMPIRES : A SABERHAGEN RETROSPECTIVE compiled by Joan Spicci Saberhagen. Introduction by Joan

Golden Reflections edited by Joan Spicci Saberhagen and Robert E. Vardeman

JSS Literary Productions, under the direction of Joan, manages the literary estate of Fred Saberhagen. JSS Literary Productions has published a large number of Fred Saberhagen titles in electronic format.



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