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25 October (1884) Sodertelje [Sweden - just south of Stockholm] 


I thank you for your very welcome letter [lines].  I am very happy that you took the time to find the demonstration of M. Weierstrass's theorems, which I cite in my article; I don't believe that Mr. Weierstrass himself would have taken so much time [as you did] - I will send [you] with the greatest pleasure the example that I received from him [M. Weierstrass], but please [I wish to beg you to] excuse me if I can't do so within the next fortnight.  At the moment I don't have in my hands the papers in question, and I also don't have much time [very many moments] I can dedicate to mathematics and [illegible, but it's something about a class].  I am going to begin to replace [or perhaps work them out] again.  M. and Mme. Mittag-Leffler and I are living [all together] in a little house in the country near Stockholm, and we go into town twice a week for our class.  [And] We have some other friends visiting for a while, the sort who won't leave us much time for serious work.


We have read with great interest your note in the Comptes Rendus concerning Fuch's article on [janissant?] differential equations with the same fundamental [illegible] as linear differential equations; but I don't feel you have, in your final point [conclusion], reached the same result [as Fuchs].  M. Leffler charged me to ask, in his name, if you might not wish to compile the interesting remarks you made in a more detailed manner, then send them to him for the Acta [Acta Mathematica].  [My French wasn't up to the final sentence of the paragraph, but I believe M. Leffler says that putting Poincare's remarks in the journal would give him the greatest pleasure.]


[illegible] well, Monsieur, give my compliments to Mme. Poincare and accept for yourself the expression of my highest consideration and deepest regard. 


[signed] Sophie Kowalevski